Enlightened reading from "The Worlds Greatest Teachings"

"Allow these expressions to be known. It is time. The writings come from those Higher Realms where these thought forms are Realities. You are creating that wondrous Light of Heaven on Earth thru these written words as we guide you; that Man may claim his Heritage! We give you the words, which will open the hearts of Mankind!  Hilarion and the Brothers of Light"  Hilarion is former St .Paul, the Apostle.

Message to the world                                                                 (pages 75 to 77)

In the breath of the air will you hear my voice.  In the stillness and quiet of your heart, will you hear me. It is to thee I speak the words of wisdom.
I bring thee love. I bring thee guidance. I bring thee to know thyself. Since you are of common sense and good judgment, you will know that which is for you. Speak all in TRUTH as I speak to you in TRUTH. Neither change the words - nor add or take away from them, for you will create an illusion, which is not REALITY! Adhere to that which is spoken. Listen with faith, with love in your heart, for you will be called. You will be tested, and yet you will know that you are loved! You are going through an initiation period at this time.  It is the course, the path, the Way of Love, which has been opened before you. You must remember the steps in the order that they are given to you. As a child that balances the beam that rocks (up and down) such as a teeter-totter, you will walk your path keeping your balance, your alignment, and the focus for which you were created. The focus of the Reality which is you.
As the camera focuses on the subject, focus also. Focus your own sight on the image projected before you. The Light of Love! This is your Light! This is the combination of Lights that will light the path brighter and make it easier for you to follow. To bring you to the destination that is your destination.
To be one with God is to know God within you! Knowing your God in you is knowing yourSelf! If you do not know yourSelf, how can you know your God? If you do not love yourSelf, how can you love your God? For they are one and the same Truth; and this Truth shall set you free of limitations, free of encumbrances, free to be all that you are -  in the All That Is. Look around you and know All That Is, is YOU! All the other externals are given for your enjoyment. Enjoy! Be happy! Live, Laugh, Love! Appreciate and come to know all these things are yours. Be on your purpose, on your Path towards your destination. Give from the heart, all the love that is contained therein. Without condition! For in so doing, this Love is allowed to grow and to grow, indefinitely - to combine with other lights of Love - to grow brighter and to become the brightest Star in the Universe.
Look above you. Look into the night sky and see the Lights of Love in abundance, without number. Do you not see how they twinkle and how they are always there in their constancy? You rely upon their steadfastness. You look for the same stars in the same place in the sky, night after night, day after day. You know that they will be there. You know that the sun is there to warm you, to bring light and life to you, to give you the energy you need. You know that the moon will light your way at night, so that you may see where there is no light. And how you take these things for granted! You expect them to be there, and they are!
What would you feel were they removed?
Had you not thought on these things? Think on them my Beloveds! Ponder them in your hearts. As you trust and you love, and you know the Love of God, it is in YOU! It is not far away from you such as are the Planets, the Moon, the Stars, the Sun, the Universe, and all the Universes. You may think they are far, but they are within your reach all the time. They are there waiting for you in Love! They are yours to claim. Were they not given for your enjoyment?
Oh, my Beloveds! If you could realize what is there for you! If you could only realize, all this is contained in your All Knowing Minds, in the Love of the Heart of the Greatest Love that you could ever be. And you own it!  It is yours, and some of you do not even know it! All those who have eyes to see and ears to hear, take heed and begin your search! Knock! Open the door and discover who you are, and Love what you are!
Ask Me, your Higher Self God, to make MySelf known to you
Ask! It is that simple! That three-letter word A - S - K. Know. It is that simple! Ask and know and then with every fiber of your being with all the energy you possess ... LOVE! Love unconditionally! Love! Love! LOVE!
I as your higher self love you with Infinite Love. When you hear your own voice of intuition within: you are hearing your Higher Self. I AM your Higher Self. I AM you! We cannot be separated. I AM GOD IN YOU! We are ONE! I breath My Life into you: the Fire of My divine Love and I kiss you!
With the breath of My Divine Love do I kiss you that you live!
So long as you do these things with Love, in honor of Me, shall ye do them. And those things that are not of good are not of God, and they shall melt away as kindling wood in the fire.
Be ye mindful of My words: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do." Jesus


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