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Message From Jesus
October 20, 2005

     ... as He spoke to Karita Lourene Altieri in Arizona

 "Thru the Force of Life and all things that occur, I AM with you in Spirit. I AM with you in Flesh as you are with I, in Spirit and Flesh, and we together shall know things. As I spread Myself thru the Wings of Time thru the Earth at this Time, for all creatures and all Beings; I give My Love totally and fully for all People of this Life, that you may know of your Greater Spirit. It is My Message that I come to thee at this time for.
Do not worship I.  Let I be your friend; a friend of Grace and Understanding of Love, and that is what it is about.
I do not care for people to worship I, Jesus; for I did not come to Earth in flesh to be worshipped; but I come to bring a Message...'Love comes within that Force of Creation.'
Do thee understand?"
Lourene : "Yes, I do."
Jesus:  "Then let it be so of this Time... Peace"

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