I want to extend a special thanks to the many wonderful people who have so kindly shared their responses to my book. Here is just a sampling for you to review.

Dear Rene, Your book is so beautiful. It certainly is an introduction to the new philosophy we are living by now. It gives one something to look forward to, with practical steps to learning Higher Consciousness. I will tell you more when I am finished with it. I just love the pictures in it with explanations also. It is just wonderful that you are sharing this information with everyone. Much love to you.     Betty ,    Chandler,  Arizona
Dear Karita/Lourene: As I looked at the cover on your book, "THE WORLD'S GREATEST TEACHINGS," this is what I wrote on paper...I see Good overcoming Evil - The Negative being changed into the Positive through the acceptance of Divine Love and Energy that we draw to us. The forces are changed as we allow and focus. Sue, North Hollywood, California
Lourene: Your book is AWESOME! Just AWESOME!! After I read it, I loaned it to my friend who is bringing it back tonight and she just loved it too! You will do just great on T.V. and Radio. Best of Luck to you! Thank you. Pat, Scottsdale, Arizona
Dear Karita/Lourene, I read your newspaper article in the Joliet Herald News and I am very impressed. I will pick up three books in Joliet. One for myself, one for our Prison Library and one for a woman who just lost her husband. I am thrilled to speak with you and to know that we were neighbors in Joliet. Looking forward to receiving you Meditation Booklets also. God Bless you. Rose, Joliet, Illinois
Dear Rene: Recently I saw your picture with the famous author, Dannion Brinkley. It was so nice. Last month, in August, I was very ill and had to have major surgery. I thought I might not make it thru. I remember going into a small room and I walked over to a couch and layed on it. I saw a beautiful shawl on it. Next, I could feel your beautiful presence and I sensed, even though I couldn't see you, that you were there with me and that I would be all right. I even told the nurse, "Rene's with me. I'll be all right." I am happy to say, now I feel better than I ever have and well on the road to recovery. I just knew you were with me. I have read your book 'The World's Greatest Teachings', four times now and each time, I learn something new again. I bought one book each for my brother and sister also. Thank you and God Bless you. Lillian, Illinois
Hi: Re: The World's Greatest Teachings... I am feeling so enlightened and so free ! Praise God ! I have read your book so many times and will read it many more times. It is getting more exciting as I get more opened to the Light ! I am understanding more every day ! Praise God! LRC, Illinois
Karita/Lourene...I saw a possible connection to my 2002 poem after I read the last line in paragraph three on page 145 of your book, The World's Greatest Teachings. I have been reading your book onto tapes, so I can listen to them when I am driving. This Book, theirs/your BOOK IS A MASTERPIECE! Within its simplicity lies all the Truths of this Cosmic Universe. It is such a pleasure to learn of them. It is a real joy to experience my heart filling with Love, Peace and Harmony as I read many of these Concepts for the first time. Yet there is a Presence within me, bearing witness that they are true. You, Karita/Lourene, have truly been blessed. I thank you for your perseverance, courage and for sticking to what you now know is right. May His Blessings continue to be yours. One of your friends on the Light Path, Melvin Tiemann
Rene, I just received your wonderful book. The painting on the cover is just beautiful. What a marvelous book. I am going to a Metaphysical Meeting today and taking it with me to show it to them. I'll be contacting you again soon. Love, E.M., Kauai, Hawaii


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