My dearest fellow spirits:   
     Since earliest childhood, I have been able to 'see' into other Dimensions of Life and Light.  Inwardly, I communicated with very loving "unseen friends" but learned early on, that no one would accept these things as real, so I locked them away in my heart. Through the years, the visions and telepathy increased in number and intensity. 

     Then my world was turned right-side-up when the Master Jesus instructed me in a vision that I was to write a book. How could a simple woman, born the fifth child In a family of eight children  in the Southwest suburb of Chicago called Joliet, Illinois, even contemplate such an important task?  Who would believe Lourene Altiery, as I was named, was receiving communications from ascended Masters?

     But, with perseverance learned from experiencing life's challenges in the days following the Depression, I started writing. The ensuing years  would mold my destiny as designed by Heaven. I have stayed the course, and my book is my loving gift to you.
From love, peace, and light,



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